Whether you are making your living online or just dabbling, the number one thing that will help you see the results you want is…

A relationship with someone who knows what they are doing and wants to help.

EVERYONE who has ever been successful in business, or anything else for that matter, can point to specific relationships with people that enabled, equipped and propelled them.

Those relationships:

  • Are a source of excellent advice

  • Generate ideas

  • Yield critical connections

  • Provide encouragement and accountability

and often become close friendships.

As a website investor I know the power of buying in. I have paid coaches. I have paid for courses that give me direct access to the course creator. I have friendships with people who are more experienced in the business. I have peer relationships.

There is nothing that moves your career or business farther faster than these kinds of relationships.

If you can get excellent advice and connections for free, go for it. However, most successful people have both free and paid relationships.

I was at an internet marketing conference this year where 12 successful marketers were on the stage. These were the main speakers at the event. 11 out of 12 said they were currently paying a coach. One guy had paid as much as $25,000.

I believe in coaching. I buy coaching. And because I love it and have a great deal to offer in my areas of expertise, I offer coaching.

How Does the Coaching Program Work?

You decide whether you want weekly calls, twice per month or a single session. Each session is 30 to 60 minutes long depending on what you need. In between calls I provide answers to your questions via email with some limits.

What Is Covered in a Typical Call?

This depends on your goals and business model. Here are some examples:

Getting Started in Website Investing

We begin by making sure you are searching for opportunities effectively to locate websites that meet your initial goals.

As you identify opportunities that you are interested in, we spend time on the calls discussing the business model of the websites you are evaluating. We identify questions for the seller, do some on the fly due diligence, discuss risks and opportunities as well as strengths and weaknesses of the business in question. We discuss valuation and anything else that will help you decide whether the opportunity is for you.

As you evaluate buying opportunities with my feedback you will begin to learn the key principles involved in finding profit opportunities and avoiding risk. You will begin to acquire the skills and confidence to do the evaluations on your own.

After you purchase a website the content of the calls will shift toward operational topics.

  • How to get setup to run the business
  • How to attract traffic and convert traffic to sales
  • How to find resources to help with marketing, the technology and customer service
  • Where to find tools to enhance the website

For Those Who Already Own an Online Business

We discuss the state of the business, your goals for the business and the current obstacles. We look at traffic, sales, conversion rates, SEO, cost structure, technology, pricing, organization and whatever is necessary to reach your goals.

We put a plan together and march to the plan together each session so that you not only have the accountability to reach your goals, but the knowledge and expertise to help you through the tough parts.

If you have questions about business coaching please send me a message using the Contact Us form or schedule 30 minutes on my calendar.

How much does it cost?


One 30 minute call each week.

1 email response each week  with answers to a single question in each email.

$450 per month


One 30 minute call every two weeks.

1 email response each week with answers to a single question in each email.

$250 per month

Single Consultation

60 minute call. Use the Buy Now button below and schedule a time on my calendar here.



You may use the following button to unsubscribe from the coaching service at any time. There are no refunds. Unsubscribing will ensure that your are not billed for future months: