One-on-one online business mentoring exists to give you the power to accomplish your most important goals.

Mentoring is a structured relationship designed to help you set the right goals, define an effective strategy and provide support and guidance at each step.

  • Right goal. We target the best next step to achieve your business and personal objectives
  • Right strategy. We develop an effective plan for achieving the goal
  • Right tasks. We prioritize and emphasize the correct activities to implement the strategy


How Does the Mentoring Process Work?

You will have a block of mentoring time which can be used in increments that fit your schedule and timeline for your project. Some plans have an expiration and others have no expiration.

You can use your mentoring minutes in chunks that are most effective for your goals. You may need 10 minute calls several times in a week, 60 minute calls twice a month or emergency sessions that last as long as they are needed.

We will use Zoom or Skype primarily for our mentoring calls so that we can share screens, documents and links as needed. Calls can also be done via phone when appropriate.

The use of the minutes is flexible so that it can accommodate your pace and life cycle of the project you are trying to accomplish.

The 12 hour mentoring block requires a weekly 10 minute accountability call to make sure you are on track with your goals.

Buying an Online Business?

Mentoring, resources and guidance for your online business acquisition

  • A second set of eyes on your deal
  • Guidance throughout the business purchase process
  • Evaluation and pricing of the deal
  • Build your skills and confidence in the end to end acquisition process
  • Strategies for growing the income and value of the website after purchase

Building or Growing an Online Business?

Strategy, tools and support to create and grow your online business

  • Business model, monetization strategy
  • Niche selection
  • Tools, methods, resources
  • Creating a team, outsourcing
  • Keyword research
  • Content optimization
  • Conversion rate, click-through rate optimization
  • SEO strategy

Why Should I Mentor With Jeff?

  • You’ll be held accountable
  • You’ll be focused on the right things
  • The strategy will be customized to your situation, resources and goals
  • You will learn tools, techniques and strategies
  • You will form connections with very helpful practitioners in the industry
  • You will grow your confidence and skillset as an investor / operator of online businesses

What is the Investment?

720 Minutes – $5,400 (Weekly 10 minute accountability call required, remainder when and as needed)

180 Minutes – $1,700 (Use as needed, never expires)



Questions about Mentoring

Is there a guarantee?

No. You own your own outcomes. Are you more likely to achieve your goals with mentoring? Absolutely, much more likely.

Are there refunds?

There will be no refund for time already expended. However, if you decide mentoring isn’t for you, we’ll arrange a refund for unused minutes.

If your online businesses, why do you spend time mentoring?

Mentoring is a profitable business model and I love profit. I consider my experience in online business to be a valuable asset that I leverage in mentoring and training. I encourage you to follow my example (there are lots of ways to leverage your knowledge besides teaching and mentoring, by the way).

Secondly, I love to help people. And selfishly, the relationships I’ve developed with my mentoring clients have enriched my own life and business.