Save Money and Heartache by Getting a Second Opinion

Before you make that big purchase, let me take a look at the opportunity and provide guidance. I’ll tell you:

  • Key risk factors
  • Growth and optimization possibilities
  • Questions you should ask the seller
  • The market value of the online business

The cost of this service varies on based on the scale and complexity of the deal you are considering. Typically:

$179 – Sites priced $10,000 and under, minimal complexity, minimal listing documentation

$349 – Sites priced between $10,000 and $100,000, medium complexity, medium listing documentation volume

$549 – Higher priced sites, medium complexity, medium listing documentation

Quote – Larger deals, custom evaluation or reporting requirements

Fill out the form below and we will respond with a specific price and a time-frame to provide the evaluation. In addition to or in lieu of getting an Opportunity Evaluation, you may find Coaching services or a Consultative call. 

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