The Website Investor:  The Guide to Buying an Online Website Business for Passive Income

Have you ever wanted to own your own business? Do you want the flexibility of working for yourself without all the headaches that come along with small businesses? Or are you looking for a place to put Website Investing - the first printed book of its kindyour money to get fantastic returns?

You’ve come to the right book. In this volume you will learn how websites generate consistent, monthly income that can supplement or replace your job.

You’ll learn how you can buy and operate a website that is already earning cash and not have to build anything from scratch.

Get ready to claim your share of the world’s hottest digital real estate. The Where, the What and the How are all right here. All you need is a little “Will” to join the ranks of successful Website Investors.

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Jeff Hunt
Morgan James Publishing
In book stores everywhere: April 2015


So What Do You Do? Volume 2: Discovering the Genius Next Door with One Simple Question

So What Do You Do? is appealing because it relates to regular people.  The goal of So What Do You Do? is to draw out stories from those who don’t think they have a story to tell.  It’s Chicken Soup for the Soul, but not only with the goal to inspire but the hope to create action.

New York Times Best Selling Author, Joel Comm with Jeff Hunt
Morgan James Publishing
August 2014

So What do you do? Vol 2. Joel Comm with Jeff Hunt