Why buy income producing websites?

  • Speed: It is the fastest way to  establish consistent online income.
  • Certainty: It is much more certain than starting a business or website or method from scratch.
  • Effective: Beginning with a working business model means you don’t have to know how to build all the pieces of a web business from the ground up.


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Why start from scratch with a system that MIGHT… work? Buy a website that ALREADY has an income stream.

Why spend 100’s of hours and lots of money implementing a system that may or may not ever earn a penny?

Why try to be a designer, a sales person, a technical genius, a copywriter and everything else you have to be to build a website from the ground up?

Savvy business people know that you never build when you can buy.

For all these reasons and many more, I teach people how to build passive income streams by buying  existing, money making websites.

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The video will take some time to watch because it contains a wealth of information about website investing.

There is a special offer at the end, but the video is packed with tips and advice throughout.

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Due Diligence

Are you considering buying an online business and want a second opinion? I have evaluated hundreds of web businesses for purchase and have bought, sold and operate a large portfolio of websites. I perform due diligence and consulting services ranging from a quick look at a purchase opportunity you are evaluating to provide instant feedback, to a more exhaustive analysis of the business. Contact me for assistance with your evaluation.

Selling your online business?

I am always evaluating virtual businesses to add to my portfolio. If you have a business that has a consistent income stream and customer base that you want to sell, I would love to hear about it. If it does not fit my needs I may be able to help you locate a trustworthy buyer. Contact me here.