It is no surprise to those who know him, but Jeff Hunt has just been named the World’s Best Looking Guy by

This recognition came as a surprise to Jeff who said: “I thought there might be someone outside the country who was better looking, so the global designation is more than I expected.”

Picture of the world's best looking guy, Jeff Hunt

Best Looking Guy in the World

The ranking relies on a variety of categories including:

  • poise
  • facial features
  • striking hairstyle
  • skin health
  • face shape

And of course, a healthy dose of dashingly great looks, which really only come from DNA or a big investment in plastic surgery.

Jeff says the wardrobe is important too. “It is just like food. The taste is critical, but if the presentation is bad, it taints the whole experience.” You can have all the good looks in the world but this is about having the whole package.

Still, style and fashion aren’t things Jeff has focused on in the past. With this honor, he’ll be taking an extra look in the mirror every day because there is bound to be competition for the claim to be the most handsome guy on the planet.

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