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5 things I never thought I would be able to do

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not down on myself and have no plans to go jumping off cliffs this weekend.

But there are just a few things in life I’m just not that great at.

And I’m not just talking about astro-physics and cake decorating.

I’m talking about stuff that would be really be handy to be able to do in these cyber markets I keep tromping around in.

Like generating a website that looks truly pro-fesh-in-ahhhl, even compared to the big boy sites. I spend hours on mine sometimes and they just come out cheesy.

Like being able to set up a sales page with the flourish of a mouse and a few well placed key strokes.

Like creating membership areas where I can offer protected content only available to people who have purchased a membership. Well maybe I knew I could figure that one out but making it happen was not so simple.

Like having multiple designs of pages that I could test against one another with the flip of a switch.

Like being able to do all these beautiful things with a single piece of software.

And then I stumbled across the answer

It did all those things and it did a lot more and woke me up to a lot of internet tools and methods I hadn’t even been considering.

But that was just the first version of Optimize Press, which by the way, without exaggeration is probably the most popular internet marketing tool ever launched.

In the next few hours version 2.0 is rolling out. I watched this video and I plan to be at the very front of the line for this one.

I own version 1.0 and will soon own version 2.0 so I am pleased to be an affiliate of this product and receive commissions from this very worthy product.

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Jeff is a website investor which is why it is no surprise that he authored the upcoming book "The Website Investor: The Guide to Buying an Online Business for Passive Profits" available in electronic format before Christmas and in stores everywhere April 2015.

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