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Wolverine makes “ugly” work for himself

My sons and I went to watch the latest Wolverine X-Men movie, the woman folk of the family stayed home.

Wolverine is kind of ugly, some might say more than kind a’ ugly. He lacks polish and he probably smells like a wolverine.

But he makes up for it with great big muscles and the cool blades that come out of his fists and more attitude than you can shake a stick at.

Most of us internet marketers can’t get by with ugly.

I might be able to hide my face by sitting behind my computer but I can’t hide everything.

I need something with a little style and pizazz just to break even.

That’s why I bought my copy of OptimizePress 2.0 first thing this morning.

There are some Wolverine folks out there with ugly sites who might find a way to overcome the odds.

And there are a lot more sites that are kind of so so.  But there are only a very few that have that really refined, professional look that goes a long way toward solid credibility.

That’s where I would like to get to but I need a lot of help in the “style” category.

Check it out for yourself.

Kind regards,

Jeff Hunt

I’m happy to sell OptimizePress and get a commission for doing so because there is no better theme for marketers available anywhere.

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Jeff is a website investor which is why it is no surprise that he authored the upcoming book "The Website Investor: The Guide to Buying an Online Business for Passive Profits" available in electronic format before Christmas and in stores everywhere April 2015.

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